All women dream of perfect skin, with a refined and uniform texture, with a luminous and even complexion, both on the face and the rest of the body. But in reality, many women have oily skin. Having sparkling skin begins with identifying your skin type, then establishing this diagnosis allows you to provide the necessary elements for its enhancement.

Recognize oily skin

Oily-prone skin is quickly detected on the face. The skin of the face is shiny and looks the same as that obtained by passing a pad of oil on the surface of a mirror. The skin is irregular, sometimes acne with open and visible pores. This shiny appearance can occupy the whole face or only the T zone consisting of the forehead, nose and chin.

Facial care products with oily skin

Before applying any product, take note of:

  • the presence or absence of red buttons,
  • acne,
  • fine lines,
  • pigmented spots.

In general, for oily skin, choose products such as purifying water or a toning lotion and especially alcohol-free to remove make-up from the skin in depth without attacking it and reducing the appearance of pores. Then choose an exfoliant or a gentle exfoliating product based on salicylic acid for a scrub session two to three times a week. It is necessary to accompany these treatments with a moisturizer. Then opt for a hydrating gel or serum based on aloe vera.

Care ritual

In the evening, after the make-up removal phase, scrub with yoghurt for example or oats. The frequency of the exfoliation should not exceed one session per week. Rinse your face, then apply your milk water. Because some parts of the body can also be fat, it is advisable to take a hot bath with a little milk water.

Jojoba oil is also known to soothe oily skin. Having beautiful skin is the result of a series of healthy, daily actions for an attractive face and body!