The term “facial peel” may be scary at first, but this treatment can help solve a plethora of issues, from pigmentation to scarring, from hydration to acne, from skin texture to wrinkles and fine lines. Feel like you need it, but don’t know where to start? Find out here everything you need to know about facial peels for both men and women …

It’s like a magic cure that can heal anyone.

Types of facial peels

Some skin issues need deeper peels than others, so it’s always important to look at your skin issue and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

TCA face peels

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) peels are considered medium-deep peels and help treat pigmentation, sun damage, and wrinkles. The downside to these peels is that they are a bit more uncomfortable than lighter peels, you will have more side effects like slight swelling and redness, and you will need more downtime. So it is best to perform these treatments over a period of time when you can rest for up to a week.

The good news is that, because you are losing a lot of layers, the skin that goes underneath is brand new and looks smoother in texture and more even in tone.

A glycolic acid facial peel

Also known as the Phenol peel, this treatment is the strongest of the bunch and is usually done to help treat scars, severe sun damage, deep lines, and wrinkles. You may need a sedative to do this peel, and you can expect to be very red after the procedure with a break of at least 1 week (your skin will become crusted) and a healing time of at least 2 months. It should also be used on the entire face, as small areas cannot be treated with hyperpigmentation.

However, these results are spectacular and can last up to two years for wrinkles.

What to do after a facial peel?

Always follow the directions and recommendations of your specialist and never apply any ingredients that may irritate your skin after the peel, such as retinol. Hyaluronic acid will help rehydrate your skin after the peel, so invest in a good moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid.

It is important not to clog your pores after the peel, so try using mineral foundation and natural makeup products.