The skin of our face needs to be maintained on a daily basis. With age and the multiplication of external aggressions, the skin loses elasticity and becomes dull.

Habits to adopt to have young skin

Having beautiful skin is not just about applying moisturizers; it all starts directly in our lifestyle. If you want to keep a young and healthy face, you will have to start by adopting the right gestures, starting with a balanced diet.

Eat healthily

Reduce alcohol intake and avoid fatty acids. They cause the deregulation of the sebaceous glands which tend to grease the skin. Otherwise, preferably eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Also favour seafood such as fish (especially salmon), seaweed and oysters.

Food supplements

In order to guarantee good results, do not hesitate to take food supplements that will help you fight against imperfections and skin dryness. These foods, which come in the form of tablets, capsules, or capsules, provide you with all the nutrients and other essential substances that your skin needs and that could be missing from your plate.

With supplements, you will get all the benefits of effective nutrition without the stress that comes with finding the perfect foods for your skin. Keep in mind that food supplements should always be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet, which they complement and not replace.

Get enough sleep

There is no miracle solution to having a healthy glow and avoiding dark circles in the morning. All you need is enough sleep so that your skin can regain its radiance. During the night, the skin cells regenerate and reach their peak of activity. This is why it is important to follow a regular sleep pattern and sleep eight hours a day. To have healthy, fresh skin, avoid staying up late at night or doing activities that can tire you out.

Get in the habit of doing a little facial treatment at night before going to sleep. For example, you can apply a night cream specially adapted to your skin type. Otherwise, cleanse your skin well before sleeping and use a makeup remover. This will help him breathe well and enjoy a healthier environment.

Regarding the choice of suitable care, avoid using detergents and abrasives. You can, however, opt for an anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing treatment. Namely that the application of the product should be carried out at least half an hour before going to bed, take the opportunity to massage the skin of your face and do an anti-ageing facial gymnastics.

Relax and adopt a zen attitude

Marks of fatigue, redness, dark circles or wrinkles are the noticeable results of the effects of stress on our face. Indeed, stress increases the production of free radicals and promotes premature ageing of cells. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles caused by stress, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits on a daily basis.

Play sports, relax from time to time. And when needed, take a vacation. Avoid confrontational situations and see things on the bright side. If you learn to manage your stress, you will find that you will look younger and more fulfilled. Moreover, stress can lead to the formation of acne, unsightly redness and dark circlesBy learning to enjoy life better, you will be less affected by stressful situations and keep a radiant face.

The choice of products to use on your face

To avoid all kinds of side effects, choose the products you apply to your face carefully. So, choose products made from natural ingredients. They nourish the skin and do not risk damaging or tiring it.

Choose the products well according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, don’t use comedogenic beauty products and those that contain alcohol. Avoid oily formulas, which are too nourishing, as they may further lubricate your skin and promote the appearance of pimples.

For anti-ageing care, it is best to use them well before the first signs of ageing appear. If you are under 30, you can opt for preventive care, while older people should instead apply curative care in addition to preventive products. Before you buy a product, think about your goals. You can find specific products to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Other products, on the other hand, are intended to remedy the damage caused by external aggressions.

Apart from products to be applied to the face, a variety of dietary supplements based on ingredients of natural origin can help you maintain the skin well. As we have already specified, they help to keep healthy skin and fight against skin ageing, because nutrition plays an important role in the beauty of the skin. The use of supplements is very effective in compensating for deficiencies in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals or proteins.

The important thing is to detect the sources of your skin problems in order to know the appropriate treatment.