Why Laser Skin Rejuvenation Is So Effective

Pampering your skin is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to skin rejuvenation, which eliminates the need to cover your face following several days of invasive and intense treatments.

Laser skin clinic procedures are safe and completely painless, despite the fact that many people still have doubts about being treated with a laser. Whether your focus is on getting rid of red looking skin, or you want to eliminate that sagging, uneven and tight looking skin, the experts at Enlighten can help you to do just that. And there’s virtually no recovery time and no unwanted side effects.

If you want a more contoured look to your skin and would like to help reverse the signs of aging, you may want to consider sublime skin tightening.

Sagging or loose skin around the neck and face looks a lot tighter when you have a sublime treatment, which stimulates the elastin and collagen in the dermal layers of your skin. Those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and sagging looking skin are caused partly by gravity, and partly by the body’s aging process which results in less collagen being produced. The skin’s laxity and collagen production are boosted with sublime treatments, which uses the twin benefits of deep infrared heat and bipolar radiofrequency energy. One big advantage of all this is that the end result looks 100 percent natural, as the natural proteins already present in your skin are targeted. And as mentioned before, the recovery time is almost nonexistent.

If uneven skin texture is an issue

You don’t need to resort to artificial fillers to get back even and smooth looking skin when you use our laser skincare procedure. Textured skin is often a challenge to make smooth again, and is often caused by rosacea, acne, or another skin condition. Laser skin rejuvenation is able to access the deeper areas of your skin, and resurface it from the inside out, to stimulate the production of natural collagen. Most patients appreciate the fact that there’s almost no recovery time, and the epidermis is disrupted as little as possible. It’s common to experience at least a week of discomfort, along with peeling skin, when the same task is carried out with other lasers. You’ll love your supple and smooth skin over the next few weeks, and you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease of laser skincare but without the inconvenience of other types of procedure.

If redness bothers you

It can take just one treatment to reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation or red-looking skin by using the effective Skin Rejuvenation Advanced (SRA) technique. Gentle pulses of energy are used to target unwanted pigmentation, using an effective combination of bipolar RF and IPL. If you have dark-colored or red pigmentation, this treatment can help your skin to lose the unwanted color, and it’s also extremely effective at getting rid of wrinkles, tiny lines, and acne. And you can confidently expect to see significant results after just one treatment session and be back to your normal routine as quickly as possible, as no recovery time is needed.